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Ice Cream Ball

Posted on 29 November 2006

LL Bean Ice Cream Maker

I would have never thought something that looked like one of those hampster balls would yield anything edible, but this Ice Cream Ball from L.L. Bean looks pretty cool. You add ice, rock salt and the proper ice cream ingredients, then roll and shake it for 20 minutes you end up with ice cream. Would have have thought.

X-Treme Geek – $29.99

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MUJI Cardboard Speakers

Posted on 25 November 2006

MUJI Cardboard Speakers

I’m not sure if these speakers should be categorized as hi-tech or lo-tech. Having cardboard serve as a major component of any object screams lo-tech. However these portable speakers are a modern invention by all standards. If you’re looking for the coolest iPod accessory to set you apart from the crowd these MUJI cardboard speakers would definitely do the trick. The cardboard enclosure collapses flat for easy storage and transportation in the included pouch.

The Japanese phrase Mujirushi Ryohin means No Brand Goods. Definitely big in Japan, MUJI has gained fans worldwide with their innovative use of simple materials. Their products are environmentally friendly and beautifully simple and functional.

For more: Wikipedia, MoMA Store, MUJI Online

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Digital Camera Sensor Vacuum for dSLRs

Posted on 23 November 2006

Green Clean USA Camera Cleaning System

dSLR cameras have grabbed a big market share in the last year. dSLR sales are strong in the consumer market for models such as Canon’s Digital Rebel line and Nikon’s consumer and ‘pro-sumer’ models like the D50, D70 and D80. A lot of new amateur photographers, and professionals alike, have come to realize the CCD and CMOS dust is a substantial problem. For those unfamiliar with dSLRs (digital single lens reflex) cameras, they are, in very simple terms, digital cameras which have a removal lens. This adds a lot of options in terms of photography, but also allows dust to reach the inside of your camera body and park itself on your sensor. This CCD dust results in soft gray spots on your digital files.

Products are arising now to try and combat the problem. One of the most unique is Green Clean USA’s vacuum cleaning system. Using standard canned air and some fancy attachments it creates a miniture vacuum that can be used to carefully suck up dust off your CCD. Interesting concept and I love the fact it’s ‘touch-free’. Visit their site for complete video demos. The product line is widely available at camera retailers as well as online.
Green Clean USA

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Apple’s iPhone – Success to Hinge on Multi-Carrier Deals

Posted on 22 November 2006

Apple’s long awaited iPhone is set for release in early 2007. According to Think Secret, the phone will feature a 2.2 inch LCD display and a hefty 3 megapixel camera, all contained in a candy bar like form factor (think iPod nano). Initially the phone will be available exclusively through Cingular.

I would argue that Apple’s success with the iPhone hinges on signing deals with mutiple cellular carriers. I’ve long been annoyed by the fact that any given phone model is usually only available with a single cellular service provider. I have a basic understanding of the technology issues at hand, but believe that the exclusivity has led customers to made cel phone buying decisions not based on the quality and innovation of the device itself, but what carrier they are with. This needs to change.

If Apple hopes to dominiate in the cel phone market, as they have the portable MP3 player arena, then it’s imperative they offer the product through all major carriers. Having to switch cel carriers in order to get their product is going to squash a boat load of ‘on the fence’ customers who would quickly adopt if they didn’t have to make that change.

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